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Anti-Spam Policy

Your Company Mobiles Ltd will not tolerate spam

Your Company Mobiles Ltd has a no tolerance spam policy. Your Company Mobiles Ltd customer support actively monitors large import lists and emails going to a large number of subscribers.

Every email sent using Your Company Mobiles Ltd contains a mandatory unsubscribe option

Your Company Mobiles will never knowingly send an unsolicited consumer email or any unsolicited consumer marketing communication.

Your Company Mobiles direct marketing email’s to corporate subscribers are PECR compliant.

Consumer recipients of our emails have made a purchase, requested information, responded to a questionnaire or a survey, or had offline contact with Your Company Mobiles Ltd.

Your Company Mobiles will only ever use permission-based or opt in lists.

Unsubscribe – Every email generated from Your Company Mobiles Ltd contains an unsubscribe link which allows our subscribers to opt-out of future email campaigns and automatically updates oour subscriber lists to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails to those recipients who have unsubscribed.

Identification – Your Company Mobiles email header information is correct. Your Company Mobiles email campaign’s ‘From’ address is verified and accurately identifies Your Company Mobiles as the sender.

Contact Information – all of Your Company Mobiles emails are pre-filled with our contact information including our physical address

Business to business

Your Company Mobiles Ltd will only ever knowingly “cold email” corporate subscribers.

Your Company Mobiles will never conceal our identity when we send, or instigate the sending of, a marketing message by electronic mail to anyone (including corporate subscribers); and we will always provide a valid address to which the recipient (including corporate subscribers) can send an opt-out request (Regulation 23 applies).

Only individual subscribers have an enforceable right of opt-out under ICO Regulations. This is where that individual withdraws the consent they previously gave to receiving marketing by electronic mail (that consent only being valid for the time being (Regulation 22(2) applies)). Corporate subscribers do not have this right. However, recipients who are corporate subscribers do not have an enforceable opt-out right under the Regulations. But where we are sending marketing material to the employee of a company includes processing their personal data (that is, we know the name of the person we are contacting), then that individual has a fundamental and enforceable right under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act to ask us to stop sending them marketing material. In either case, whether Your Company does or does not know the name of a corporate subscriber we will always provide a simple and easy way for every corporate subscriber to opt out; via a an unsubscribe link on the marketing email and via a valid email address and phone number.

Your Company Mobiles Ltd will only ever s promote business related goods and services.

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