Christmas Friendly Apps!

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Christmas is just around and the corner and we get more excited as we get more closer! We have had a look around the app stores and have picked our top Christmas friendly app that we recommend to get your in the Christmas spirit. From our list you got a range of different apps to cover your holiday, from the Christmas Countdown to Christmas dinner apps. Have a look at our top choices and see which is your favourite Christmas friendly app.

Christmas Friendly Apps

Christmas Friendly App …

Christmas Countdown

  • How many days, hours, minutes till Christmas.
  • Counting down the number of total weeks, nights, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Share the countdown with your friends and family.
  • Share on all your favorite social networks.
  • Listen to Christmas songs.

Christmas Food Chef

  • Using favourite section you can manage recipes you like.
  • Delicious Christmas recipes for those holiday season.
  • Easy to cook Christmas recipes.
  • Edit any Christmas recipe for the app as per you needs.
  • You can backup/ restore application at any point of time.
  • Share any recipes to your family and friends.

Christmas Friendly AppsElfYourself

  • Christmas personalized video featuring your own photos.
  • Upload up to 5 photos of you, your friends and family.
  • Select a Christmas dance theme.
  • Generate your own ElfYouself video.
  • Share via mail or post it on Facebook.

 Christmas Booth

  • Create Christmas photos of your family and friends.
  • Use different frames, wings, snowflakes, stars and beards.
  • Add greeting texts.
  • Edit your photos.
  • Share your photo by e-mail and Facebook.


  • Countdown to Christmas Day.
  • Advent Calendar with free gifts everyday.
  • Christmas Friendly App.
  • Festive Jokes.
  • Christmas Songs.
  • Wintery Wallpapers.

 Perfect Christmas Dinner

  • Traditional Christmas Dinners.
  • Enjoying making different traditional Christmas dinners.
  • Guidance of the professional chef tutors at Ashburton Cookery School.
  • Step-by-step guide to cooking a delicious meals whether you are a beginner or a confident cook.
  • Shopping list maker and menu list to help you get organized.

 Santa Fun Games

  • Selection of games.
  • Classic Christmas songs.
  • Exciting games.
  • Wallpapers.
  • Quizzes.

Christmas Friendly AppsAppy Christmas

  • Talk into the microphone and Santa will repeat what you say in a silly voice.
  • Santa remembers things you say and says them back to you later.
  • Poke and stroke repeatedly for different reactions.
  • Touch the screen and he will look at your finger.
  • Watch Santa dance to the great Christmas songs.

 Make a Christmas tree

  • Design your own Christmas Tree.
  • Select a background.
  • Christmas Friendly App.
  • Add decorations.
  • Background music.

 Happy Talking Elf

  • Touch the elf to wake him up.
  • Talk to him and he’ll repeat your words.
  • Throw snowballs at the Elf.
  • Take your photo with the Elf.
  • Email your photo to a friends and family.

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