Electronic Call Monitoring – Domiciliary Care Sector

September 6, 2019 Dean Stalham



If you are managing staff who are field based, you want the peace of mind that they are completing their visits and preferably you want to be able to monitor them. Investing in an ECM Solution can assist in the help and home care delivery your staff is providing. Here is why it will have a huge impact on the way your service is delivered!

Utilizing a phone platform to clock in and out of locations guarantees you that your staff are at your client’s residence and in-turn gives you the peace of mind that your staff aren’t missing any appointments and that their punctuality Is good.

This platform also assists you in keeping track of lone workers whilst out on the road, which gives your staff reassurance that they are safe as well as giving you the peace of mind that you can track where they’re going.

If a member of staff doesn’t clock in at the location or they clock in from somewhere entirely different to your client’s location, you will be able to alert them due to the landline verification which is associated with your patients location.

Not only does ECM help with keeping tabs of your employees but it also helps reduce the time spent on admin in your business, as you will instantly be able to know if a member of staff has missed a shift as office staff will receive an instant alert.

Care providers who are using ECM have seen a 75% decrease in office admin time, all thanks to the real-time data provided by the platform. As it is so easy for your staff to tap in and out as well, their main aim can be getting to the site at hand and for that reason providing an even better quality of service to their patients, rather than having to manually log in and out. Moreover because it’s easier to monitor the field based workers, your in-house team will save time as they do not need to take time out to check up on field staff, and the staff in question will not have to take time out to return these calls and manually log this information.

It really is worth the investment – which through our ‘Your Homecare Solutions’ team is not a hefty one – as you have the tools to enhance the quality of care from your staff, as well as giving you and your team the peace of mind that appointments are being attended and in good time.

YCC has a dedicated in house team of sector specific experts that have been supplying to the domiciliary care sector with decades of experience. We can supply an NFC (the tech needed to tap in), the ECM software and the tariff from as little as £7.00 per month all in. If you would be interested in updating or deploying ECM please give us a call on 0203 301 1460 and ask to speak to one of the ‘Your Homecare Solutions’ team today!

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