Festival Apps – Our Favourites!

August 22, 2014 bassmediagroup No Comments

If you, like other hundreds of thousands of people this year, are planning to attend a festival, ensure that you know how handy your phone can be. When singing along to your favourite artist you want to carry fewer things as possible, by downloading at least one festival app, we can guarantee you will be dancing all day. Festival goers at Coachella this year was teased with massive mirrored blocks which created illusions for the selfie gods, with these features available at festivals and gigs we are sure to see more on our social networks.

Festival Apps Festival Apps

Festival Apps

Whatever festival, gig or show you may be attending this year, it would be wise to download the official app. The official festival app would provide the most accurate and up to date information you would need without being intruded by other events. Be careful when downloading these apps as they may ask for personal information and remember that the app was created just for that particular event.

The next festival app we have ready on our handset is the Met Office Weather app available on iOS, Android and Windows. This festival app has over 5,000 UK spots automatically downloaded and allows users the option to locate their exact location. Before you hit your festival you can check the weather before you have packed your bag.

One festival app you should have on your handset is Torch, this feature will definitely come in handy when you’re in the tent and can’t find anything. But the torch feature may not be enough when you are in the crowd and the artist asks for you to put your lighters up. We have download Virtual Zippo Lighter, this app is not just a lighter that flickers but it also recommend local concerts and gigs based on your musical preferences.

Recently we all know that social networks have pushed for users to upload their selfies, duck faces and MEMEs. Ensure that you have your photo editing app ready to snap the #Selfie, #Fest2014 moments, we have chosen PicLab HD, this app creates insta-worthy photos. One of the main features is the typography, which allows users to access a range of fonts, sizes, colours and many more.

Our next favourite festival app, PicLab HD is like most photo editing apps has easy uploading options to social networks including our next essential festival app Instagram. Now, we know that you probably have this app downloaded and have been uploading for a while, however a lot of artist, promoters and fans are using this social platform to blog about their festival experiences. So when you upload your next selfie make sure that you include the festival name to see if you get a shoutout.

Staying organised when you are having a good time listening to your favourite acts is something that you should allow your mobile to remember. The worst feeling would be that you forgot where and when the artist is performing, this can be avoided if you download the Clear app. You can list all your reminders simply and clearly so you can prioritise and never forget.

We wish you a happy and safe journey and hope you don’t spend too much time on your mobile!

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