Have you looked at deploying Electronic Call Monitoring on a smartphone in the past, or are considering it now, but are put off by the airtime sim and device costs you’ve been given?! Maybe have had concerns that carers may misuse the company issued device?

Or are you already using a solution via the carer’s mobiles and it’s just not working out?

Our ‘Your Homecare Solutions’ Team CAN help.

We have been deploying specialist airtime tariffs and smartphones to the Care sector for the last 10 years, and on average send at least 10 new providers live on either the full ECM solution, or we supply low cost plans to enable them to adopt a much needed mobile solution.

We can offer a full working airtime plan from as little as £8.00 per carer, per month, this includes a NFC or GPS smartphone:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 500MB of data per user
  • A basic smartphone free of charge (other devices with NFC capability are available)
  • Mobile device management solution (to ensure apps like Facebook etc. can’t be used or downloaded)
  • Spend limits set on the mobile account to ensure now unexpected bills are received (spend caps can be set as low as £0.00)
  • 24-month device swap warranty
  • Dedicated home care support team within YCC
  • Dedicated account managers
  • A home-care industry specialist supplier
  • Device all fully set up with the relevant and required applications for use with your ECM solution or any other apps needed.
  • Free upgrades every 18 months.


To speak to one of our team please call 0203 301 1460 or email Homecare@yourcompanymobiles.co.uk or fill out the contact form today and someone will contact you within 24 hours!

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