The HTC One has been HTC’s best-selling phone and won TrustedReviews Phone of the Year so we were excited to see the progression into the HTC One M8. This handset can be ranked amongst the best smartphones of our time; as good as, or perhaps even better than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S.

HTC One M8

HTC have clearly realised that the look and feel of a phone matters as much as the features and specifications. With this phone, it is obvious that HTC’s priority was the quality of material. Like the HTC One, this is a mostly metal phone, but this time around HTC has decided to go with a curved back that meets the Gorilla Glass Screen smoothly. The device feels good in your hand. It is slightly bigger than the HTC One, longer rather than wider. Like the iPhone, colours available are gunmetal, silver and gold. Notably, the gold HTC One M8 is not as vivid as the gold Samsung S5.

Although the pixel-density is not as high as the HTC One, the screen on the HTC One M8 is high-definition and true to colour.  The whites are clearer than the HTC One, which looks slightly yellow when compared to the M8.

HTC One M8 Features

A feature we loved is the new Motion Launch. Instead of holding down a power button the phone can be switched on with just two quick taps on the screen. Similarly, you can access the main home screen by flicking from the left or right of the switched-off device. This feature uses a special motor sensor chip to detect gestures even when the phone is off – this uses barely any battery!

HTC listened to feedback after the HTC One and included a micro SD memory card slot on this device. However, one feature that is sorely missed on the HTC One M8 is water resistance – something we think HTC definitely should have included. With other phones like the S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 boasting complete water and dust resistance; this feature should be a given for any phone trying to top the consumer charts at the moment.

On the other hand, the handset wins in the camera and speakers department. There are Stereo “BoomSound” speakers on the front of the phone – which provide surprisingly good sound for a mobile phone. Although it won’t be as loud as a Hi-Fi setup the quality and depth of the sound is superb. The combination of a great screen and great speakers make this the perfect phone for someone who likes to stream video content to their handset.

The camera operates with the same 4.1 Ultra Pixel sensor that was included on its’ former. The difference in this handset is a depth sensor – HTC call this system a Duo Camera. Photos are realistic but vibrant and this camera can take photos in the dark; something a lot of smartphones struggle with.

Overall, this is one of the best phones we’ve reviewed. HTC have really thought about what to include in this handset and it has all been pulled together into a strong competitor against some of the bigger companies.

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