Hypersensitivity in 2007, was found to cause suffering to approximately 5% of the UK population a UK survey found. This little known disorder leads to unpleasant symptoms when near to any device emitting an electromagnetic field. Our love of wireless technologies means that electromagnetic frequencies are being transmitted into our immediate environment from Wi-Fi, radio waves and phone masts. However, people are reluctant to acknowledge these facts as truth, but in Sweden, electromagnetic hypersensitivity is now recognised as a disability.


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, what is it?

More than a billion people worldwide own mobile phones and, in the UK, there are more mobile contracts than people. Can this rise in electromagnetic radiation be linked to cancer, death of wildlife and electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

Four species of bees decreased in numbers by 98% since man-made frequencies have damaged the delicate balance of the Earth’s natural frequency. This may be due to the fact that bees use the Earth’s natural magnetic properties to navigate.

Activists in the West Midlands, Merseyside and Devon have torn down phone masts after people living near the masts reported an increase in all sorts of health implications such as cancer and motor neurone disease. These events are not widely known about as the media blackout on this issue is very tight.

A spokesman for T-Mobile said that police have been called to investigate but the neighbouring residents are standing by the activists, “It defies belief that nobody [in Wishaw] noticed when the mast was coming down.”

The World Health Organisation has classified mobile phones as “possible carcinogens” – meaning that there’s a “possibility” of an increased risk in cancer. They seem to think there is enough danger to instil rules concerning Wi-Fi in schools.

Phone companies are unhappy about these changes in legislation – Apple even recently blocked an app that warns users of radiation levels on the grounds that it would create “confusion”. In 2000, T-Mobile commissioned Germany’s ECOLOG institute to review all research available concerning these issues.

When T-Mobile realised that the research was going to produce damaging results they commissioned a further three studies, hoping that one of them would come up with the results in their favour. None of them did, and these studies were only available in German until very recently when they were leaked online.

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