IOS 13.1 – Why you need to update!

September 25, 2019 Dean Stalham


As you may have heard the IOS 13 update that was rolled out recently was received to a chorus of criticism as it game packed with some game-changing bugs and glitches.

The company launched iOS 13 on its older models such as  РiPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Рon September 19. The company decided to launch iOS 13.1 on September 24, this is nearly a whole week before it was supposed to drop. This, of course, is to try and build bridges and fix the main issues that plagued iOS 13.

With iOS 13.1, Apple has pretty much sorted all issues that came with iOS 13. Not only that but It has also added some interesting features to Apple’s devices new and old. We will talk about all that below, but first you probably want to know the quickest and easiest way to install it.

How to download iOS 13.1 on your iPhone?

If you had iPhone IOS 13 on your phone you are also able to get the latest update. If you haven’t downloaded iOS 13, you will need to upgrade your system software and then download the latest one In that order. To do this:

— Open Settings.

— Hit General > Software Updates.

— Click download and install.

Now, these will be downloaded and installed on your phone. The phone will restart once all the updates have been installed, following which it will be ready to use.

Why do you need to install iOS 13.1?

iOS 13.1, as mentioned above, brings a number of fixes and new features to iPhones. Here’s what’s in the box:

— iOS 13.1 sorts out a key security bug that actually allowed anyone to view a user’s contacts without even unlocking the device using Siri during a FaceTime call which was luckily picked up by users.

— It sorts out a bug with location permission that altered the privacy setting to “Ask Next Time” if a user had selected never to share their location detail for an app.

— iOS 13.1 brings the ETA section to the Maps application which lets the iPhone user share their time of arrival with their contacts right from within the apps.

— It also brings a cool new feature to Apple Music that will let the user to see the lyrics to song that is playing in a Karaoke style format which is great for a sing-along!

— The Shortcuts apps has become a bit more advanced. It now suggests automations for your personal routine.

But there is still one thing…

All the above mentioned details seem like iOS 13.1 is a perfect fix. But it isn’t. Apple themselves noted that iOS 13’s latest update brings an issue that affects the third-party keyboards. “Apple has discovered a bug in iOS 13 and iPadOS that can result in keyboard extensions being granted full access even if you haven’t approved this access,” Apple wrote in its support page.

The good is that this bug does not affect Apple’s built-in keyboards. It also doesn’t impact third-party keyboards that don’t make use of full access of the iPhone’s system. Apple said that this bug would be fixed in the next update without specifying as to when it would release that update.

In Conclusion

Although the bugs that came with some really big privacy issues that might have its users quite worried with how safe their information is everyone makes mistakes and Apple should be commended for fast-tracking these fixes and showing that they are on top of things.

All is right again – apart from some keyboard issues – and with the new iPhones being launched to much fanfare Apple users should be excited about the future!

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