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The range of mobile handsets available in the market today is ever-expanding, with new models launched every week. How can you keep up with the evolving smartphone industry, and which model will suit your business best?

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Business Mobile Tariffs

Gain access to major UK networks and the latest business smartphones and handsets. We arrange corporate mobile packages to include tariffs from the UK’s leading mobile networks and operating systems. Browse our most popular models, including business handsets from the Nokia Lumia series, Samsung Galaxy mobiles, iPhones and HTC smartphones.

B2B Specialists

We assist in the provision of business mobile phone deals for businesses across the scale, and specialise in the delivery of telephony solutions for businesses nationwide. Get in touch and let us help you find the best business phone contracts on the market.

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Business Mobile Insurance

Comprehensive Business Mobile Insurance

Businesses need to protect themselves against the unexpected. Luckily, we can provide comprehensive insurance for all your business mobiles starting from just £1.49 per month.

Machine to Machine Solutions

Your Company Comms offers a comprehensive range of Machine to Machine (M2M) SIM-only solutions. These solutions can operate in virtually any device across multiple UK networks to ensure constant connectivity and come with a cutting-edge real-time data monitoring and provisioning system.

Machine to Machine Solutions



Using our relations with all the major networks and our billing platform we can save you money, no matter what size of business or organisation you operate.



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