Well done on a very good service
I want to give credit where credit is due. We had a problem with ours phones today so I called your office for help, a lady, (sorry I can’t remember her name) there was excellent and resolved the issues within 20 minutes, please thank her for me and well done on a very good service.
Chris Potter
Abstract Recruitment Ltd
Helpful, knowledgeable and competitive
Firstly can I say it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I was recommended to you by a business contact 2 years ago. You quoted me a price, it was good, and whoever I spoke to at the time was very helpful. I appreciate people who know what they are talking about, and so I signed up. That was 2 years ago. My contract was up for renewal last month and I asked you to quote me, along with some other providers who were touting for my custom. Kevin was very helpful, knowledgeable and competitive. Although I was able to get a slightly cheaper deal, I liked the fact that nothing was too much trouble. I was more than happy to re-sign with you guys. If you could pass my thanks to Kevin for his help and expertise I would appreciate it. Of course I will recommend you to my fellow business contacts.
Nigel Fosbraey
Autowash Ltd
You provided a good service and excellent renewal deal
Congratulations on your thriving and expanding business. I was recommended to your company and I cannot recall who it was at the time. At the time you provided the best deal with O2 and also the tough phones that I needed for my team's work activities. Why am I still with you? You provided a good service and excellent renewal deal which has helped with keeping costs down whilst we were cutting back at our youth charity. I look forward to your continued support of charity.
Bede Youth Adventure Project
To date I've dealt with Kevin mainly and Amal. Both excellent!
Peter Petrou
Devonshire House
We’ve been very happy with the service
The initial deal you offered was good (and the subsequent upgrade earlier this year) and we’ve been very happy with the service to date. Hope that helps.
Cranshaw Middleton
Really happy with the level of service
We are an existing customer of YCM, and have been really happy with the level of service we have received from your company. Our contract with O2 comes to an end in December and we requested a new proposal.
Ravi Vekaria
Crownhill Glass limited
Service was quick and hassle free!
The reason we continued to use you was because we felt the service was quick and hassle free!
Terry Williamson
For P J Williamson & Son Ltd
Made everything so easy
I had previously been contacted by BM so I rang up spoke to Kevin who made everything so easy. There are no issues a great service. Staff r easy to contact. Friendly.. local and a quick response. Lee. if you ever lose that personal touch your business will fail. I sing the praise of BM to everyone
Hillen Management
Very professional
Your Company Mobiles contacted us, the sales caller was very professional and made things very clear (no waffle ! ), The package offered to us was very competitive and the deal was made very transparent, so no nasty shocks later down the line (excuse the pun). I have found all dealings with your company to be pleasant and helpful.
Jackie Longman
Edison Swan Electrical Ltd
Good service
I have stayed with you because I have generally received good service.
Helen Wyatt
Spencer Wyatt
The most competitively priced
I believe I found out about Your Company Mobiles on the internet when I was searching for new contracts back in 2013. At the time I had been asked to obtain a number of quotes for new business contracts and Your Company Mobiles were by far the most competitively priced and my contact at the time (Dean Stalham) was very helpful. When our contract was up for renewal again in 2015 I had no hesitation in using Your Company Mobiles again as I knew the prices would be the best and all the hassle is dealt with by yourselves.
Clare May - Financial Controller
Southwest Fabrications
I was delighted with the deal
I found out about Your Company Mobiles through chance, we were actively going through a full “IT upgrade” and mobiles was part of that agenda. Coincidently, at that time, I got an email from Ollie Crane offering the services of Your Company Mobiles. Normally I don’t tend to field unsolicited sales calls/emails, but due to the timing I replied. From here on I have dealt with Jordan Henderson, and I have to say I wish all account managers I dealt with were as helpful and efficient as Jordan - responses are quick and concise. In terms of the mobiles and the plan we secured, I was delighted with the deal. However, it is the work of Jordan and his on-going high level of service that maintains this degree of customer satisfaction.
Craig Pollock - Finance Manager
Parkhead Housing Association
Remaining with yourselves was a simple decision
I was looking for a company to quote for providing six phones on contract. Most companies were not interested in such small quantities but of those that were, your company provided the best service, information and assistance and because of that we decided to use you for our Vodafone contract. When time came for renewal, you once again provided the best service so remaining with yourselves was a simple decision.
Rolf Bachelor - I.T. & Communications Manager
Nicholsons Sealing Technologies Ltd
Having completed two years of satisfactory service we then renewed
Your company was recommended to us by one of our clients Demco Communications and that is how we started our co-operation. Having completed two years of satisfactory service we then renewed for another two years.
George A Mouktaris FCA
MOUKTARIS & CO Chartered Accountants
We have been happy with the service
To be honest we have been with you a few years now, I cannot be sure, I think we received a flyer by email, we have been happy with the service And had no problems.
John Staniar & Co. Ltd
Always found your Company helpful
We were approached by yourselves on a cold call. For once we listened!! We dont usually accept cold calls. The whole procedure was explained to me and I decided to go with Your Company Mobiles. We have been with you for sometime now and have always found your Company helpful and able to assist with any query. We wish to remain with Your Company Mobiles and we were recently offered a further 2 year contract which we are willing to accept but we will have to wait until December.
Pauline Scott
Intraorbis Ltd
You offer very competitive rates
You offer very competitive rates that our previous supplier could not match, let alone beat! Many thanks
International Registries (U.K.) Ltd
You offered the best all round deal
We were inundated with various quotes at the time and you offered the best all round deal. There have been occasions where it was necessary to speak to your representatives where they all were happy to help and were consistent with the level of service that had been given from the start. We are close to the end of our current contract and would like to see what this year’s proposal from you
Hoveair Building Services Ltd
Your staff really looked after us
Why chose to buy through an agent to have more control over our mobiles, and to have someone to look after each person's phone queries and help / support where needed. We had seen an offer from you and thought it was worth investigating. Your staff really looked after us at the beginning and when we have any issues they are really helpful. Therefore, I would (costs permitting) stay with yourselves as I am very happy with your company
Josie Leivesley - General Manager
SPL Components
We receive personal attention to detail
We return to your company mobiles because we receive personal attention to detail and responses to enquiries are fast and effective, which is essential in todays business climate.
Iain Dean - Managing Director
Dean Bros Ltd
You were offering the best deal
We originally came across you through an internet search (Google), and bought from you because you were offering the best deal at the time, for our requirements.
Gordon Proctor FCA, Head of Finance
You were the most competitive
You got the business because you were the most competitive
Justin Smith, Director
CPC Battery Services Ltd
Anyone we have spoken to on the phone there are exemplary
Working with YourCompanyMobiles/YourCompanyComs and setting up services with them has been a smooth consistent process. As a company to collaborate with I can highly commend them any time. They have patience, endurance, consistency and valour. We have setup our broadband with them, through a long and complicated process and the outcome has been great. We are also looking to procure more services from them in the future. Jordan, Lee, Aman and anyone we have spoken to on the phone there are exemplary. Real people, solid, sound, and pleasant all around. Without a shadow of a doubt use their services. I can be contacted any time to confirm this.
Hugh Gallagher, IT Manager
Galldris Construction LTD
The service received has been outstanding!
Nobody likes change. Change means disruption and disruption means lost business time. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case as I found out recently when changing my company’s mobile supplier to Your Company Mobiles. From the very outset the quote was competitive, no messing around, no need to continually negotiate to get a good deal – the good deal was given first time. But the real service came into action during the porting process, YCM took care of all of the hassle usually associated with a mobile transfer, checking-in with me and updating at each stage until the transfer was complete. Overall, the service received has been outstanding! With special mention to Jordan Henderson who has been managing the transfer from start to finish. If this is the service standard being set by Your Company Mobiles, we wish we’d moved sooner!
Craig Pollock, Finance Manager
Parkhead Housing
So impressed and a very happy customer
I have to say that we are very happy with the level of service we receive from Your Company Mobiles, we moved to them last year from another provider and so far everything has run very smoothly. A great little touch was when I was off to Barbados in December '14 and Michael advised me to download TuGo, as this would give me free calls as long as I was connected to WIFI – and it did – I was able to make business calls to the office and these were all free of charge. I have just also upgraded my wife’s phone with them and their quote via O2 was much cheaper that T-Mobile and no charge for an iPhone 6 – so impressed and a very happy customer, thank you.
Russell Bowyer
Bow Raven Ltd
Well done and thank you
Over the many years these account reviews have been promised and you are the first and only one to have ever done it.
Well done and thank you.
Russell Solts
Director, Smart Electrical & Data Ltd
High level of customer service
I greatly appreciate the high level of customer service from Your Company Mobiles.
Ahmad Faraz
Imperial Accountants
A fantastic service and easy transaction
I’d like to thank Your Company Mobiles for a fantastic service and easy transaction. It’s never been easier for us getting our mobile contracts.
Michael Tunstall
Cloud 4 Computers
I would highly recommend them
Your Company Mobiles provide an excellent level of service, the Customer Services and Account Management team respond to issues quickly and are good at helping to provide solutions to problems, I would highly recommend them.
Joanne James
PLP Construction
It is a great pleasure working with the team
I have worked with Your Company Mobiles since their inception and currently have 30-40 mobiles and all our landlines with them. I find them more of an extension to my IT department than a supplier, as any requests are handled quickly and efficiently. It is a great pleasure working with the team and I look forward to many more years of support and telephony advice.
Jon Mitchell
BCD Meetings & Incentives Ltd
Meeting the demands of our SME with great effect
I have found the team at Your Company Mobiles to be more than capable of providing a fast, efficient and responsive service in every manner possible. Meeting the demands of our SME with great effect and streamlining the manageability and expense of our mobile telecommunications has been a win/win situation since day one.
Iain Dean
Dean Brothers (Formby) Ltd.
They always find the best deal to suit our company needs
I find the people at “Your Company Mobiles” very pleasant to deal with and it’s always good to speak to a friendly voice rather than the abrupt network employees. I have been with the company for three years and they always find the best deal to suit our company needs and always give me the space and time to reflect on decisions before putting pen to paper. I would recommend “Your Company Mobiles” to other businesses looking for a new network partner who are willing to understand what is right for your company requirements rather than their own sales targets.
Peter Hill
System Scaffold Contracts Limited
It’s a huge relief to have put our new mobile contract in the hands of Your Company Comms
It’s a huge relief to have put our new mobile contract in the hands of Your Company Comms. They are friendly and remember us and what’s happened so far. They have managed the inevitable hiccups of a new contract with speed and efficiency. And they’ve promised to review the finances after the first year!
Claire Pedrick
MD, 3D Coaching Ltd
Excellent service as usual
Excellent service as usual from one of the greatest telecommunication company’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. You can use that quote on your website if you like!!
Kevin Pates
Operations Manager, Westway Coach Services Ltd
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone
Online manage our fleet of 100 mobile devices on the Vodafone Network. We have found Your Company Mobiles very proactive, offering us excellent help and technical support. Furthermore they have always worked to reduce our cost by reviewing our usage on a regular basis and keep us abreast of any new developments and products. Their service is truly exemplar and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is reviewing their mobile requirements.
Shimant Shah
FD, Devoteam UK Ltd, London
Keep up the good work
Must say a BIG Thank You to you all.” Your all doing a fab job. We are extremely pleased with the service you provide to us. Keep up the good work ;-)
Dawn Wilson
John O’Conner (GM) Ltd
Great service that really delivers savings
We first engaged with Your Company Mobile when I needed to replace my Blackberry and saw the ad in the BA in-flight High Life magazine. Wow, what service, they moved me to O2, saved me a small fortune and I’ve insurance on any device failure. I’ve co-terminated all 17 of our existing contracts and have wholly moved to Online. Great service that really delivers savings… thanks to the whole team at Your Company Mobile!
Steve Thompson
Sales Director, Intelligent Placements
Massive thank you to the whole team
Just wanted to drop a quick to say thank you for the outstanding service you guys providing. You team is constantly on the ball whenever I have a glitch or need anything, the response is instant and they even been liaising with O2 on my behalf which saves me so much time and effort. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Special thank you to Aman, she really is amazing!!! You have a real gem there, she makes my business ticking smoothly. I just wish all my suppliers were as amazing as you guys. Massive thank you to the whole team who make my life so much easier! Thanks
Natasha Lancaster
Harris International

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